Pre Log - Running Log + 3 Bookmarks



…runner's journal/diary
…chance to learn more truths about Steve Prefontaine, my brother.
…way to view samples of Steve’s workouts from his own journals.
…look at Coos Bay, Oregon where Steve first started his running career.
…book to inspire and motivate you.
…tool for coaches to track progress of their athletes.
…simple way to monitor progress towards achieving your goals.
…handy size to take anywhere (6×9 spiral ring bound)
…perfect gift!

“THE PRE LOG won’t make you get out the door on a cold morning, but it will help motivate you to get yourself out the door. THE PRE LOG is an essential asset for any runner serious about his or her running.”

Tom Jordan, author of PRE: The Story of America’s Greatest Running Legend

The bookmarks were the first creation for Prefontaine Productions LLC. I used 3 of Steve's popular quotes and the 3 that I thought explained my brother's intensity about competing, his understanding about not wasting a gift or the talent you've been given and the reason we work so hard, train so hard and give up so much is for ourselves. The desire has to come from within. Not from our parents or our coaches.

The bookmarks are laminated and are approximately 5-9/16″ long by 2-3/8″ wide.

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