Front: “Love to Run” • Back: “Inspired by Pre”
Pendant size: 33mm wide x 22mm high

A selectively oxidized and textured sterling silver unisex pendant that includes a Carnelian Stone and black adjustable cotton cord. Each necklace individually handcrafted in the USA.

Running on the beach heightens all your senses. It is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their life. Running on the beach is an unforgettable pleasure. There is a feeling of complete freedom as you jog along the waters edge, splashing through the shallow, cool water, yielding to the soft sand, wind blowing through your hair, hearing the sound of the waves churning and crashing as you take each step towards your destination.

As you inhale and exhale to the cadence of the waves you can taste the salt on your lips and smell the uniqueness of the ocean’s life.

It’s easy to drift off into another world as the sounds, the smells and the rhythm of the ocean become mesmerizing. You enter into your world of dreams and imagination.

Steve and I grew up at the coast. It's where we were born, where we thrived. It's home!

Linda Prefontaine